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Originally Posted by Blackcat31 View Post
Well...the kids have Celiacs to the point of SEVERE and cross contamination is something the parent's are basically terrified of.

Mom has a severe peanut allergy so badly that she asked the I not serve anything peanut related so the kids don't carry home minute traces of anything.

The 2.5 year old is still takes a bottle and must be rocked to sleep.

Mom is insisting that the 4 year old needs a minimum of 3 hours of "intensive" academic time (mom's words).

Although the parents would be supplying all the foods, they did ask that I modify what I feed the children due to cross contamination (both for the Celiacs and mom's peanut allergy) concerns.

I am pretty sure that I am not a good fit for what they are looking for in a caregiver.

So, thanks for the info on Celiac's ladies...I appreciate the help! If I ever have a family that I do take on that has it, I will be much better prepared.
Totally fits easily into a daycare.
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