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Originally Posted by Laurel View Post
I'm not sure about here where I live but I don't think you can do that either to be considered a 'home' daycare. Our area is comprised of small cities and some of them won't even allow large daycare homes which here means 12 children with 2 providers. Currently we can have 6 by ourselves in our homes.

Now I'm a bit curious. I might have to call about that.

We have family daycares (up to 6 + 2 school age) or group family (up two 12 min two providers. We cannot switch between the two- you have to get an entire new liscense when you switch- and go through the same process as a new provider! The kicker is when you are group you can have 6 to 1 ratio but family is 8 to 1...
We also have to go through the entire re-liscense process if we move.
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