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Originally Posted by Laurel View Post
I'm not sure about here where I live but I don't think you can do that either to be considered a 'home' daycare. Our area is comprised of small cities and some of them won't even allow large daycare homes which here means 12 children with 2 providers. Currently we can have 6 by ourselves in our homes.

Now I'm a bit curious. I might have to call about that.

In some states you can't. In fact, I know one home provider who rented a house from her sister-in-law (who is also her assistant) and her family stays in her daycare home during the week and on weekends they go to the home they bought, because you have to live in the home you do daycare in here- and apparently that means you have to stay the night there a percentage of the week or month (you never know if they will ask your neighbors to verify you live there).

I also know a local woman who started off doing home daycare and then bought a house just for daycare, BUT its registered as a center (so she can have more kids), and she also has a BA and director permits.
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