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Originally Posted by Cat Herder View Post
I added a buh-bye outside tag. It will take you to lots of ideas.

This was my advice in 2012, still applies today.

"Switch to the Buh-Bye Outside Program.

AKA, Kiss-N-Go. Been around and effective since the 70's.

Lock doors, have children dressed and ready to go home....then meet them at the door.

Simple solution. Works wonders. Adults should never have access to other peoples children unless they are on the pick-up list."
Kiss n go is my go to lol. All my parents know my doors are locked unless you are expected @ your pick up time - I refuse to let anyone just walk in; yes, I have an open door policy - doesn't mean it has to unlocked. They want to drop-off/pick up outside of normal hours they have to text me & let me know, otherwise they have to ring my doorbell
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