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Originally Posted by Valerie928 View Post
I am excluding dcg 4 tomorrow because she has cold symptoms and because right now I exclude for all the things. My question is should I also exclude her younger sibling who right now has no symptoms? My gut says yes. Are you guys doing stricter than strict right now or am I being crazy?
I am being SUPER strict. I can't afford (mentally or physically) not to be.

I'd go with your gut. What IF DCK with symptoms DOES have COVID and you allowed sibling to attend?

I empathize with parents and let them know I totally understand how hard this is but we have to be extra careful right now as more than ever ONE family's situation impacts everyone's and in much bigger ways than in previous years (ie Non-COVID times)

It's a tough call but just let DCM know you are doing your absolute best trying to make sure everyone is safe and healthy.
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