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I haven't read in a long while and I do miss it...just haven't found the time.

I caved a while back and started reading books on a Kindle and then used my table and the Kindle app so most the books I have waiting in cue to read are digital downloads.

I will admit I miss the library. Such a wonderful place to get lost.... I've spent many hours as a child and an adult just wondering the rows picking up anything that caught my eye.

My mom is a HUGE James Patterson fan, but I never got into him like she did. My favorite mystery/legal/drama author is Stuart Woods. I picked up one of his books randomly one day and like it so much I went back and found all of them so I could read them in order.

I have several Stephen King, Janet Evanovich, Stuart Woods and a couple John Grisham books sitting on my kindle app just waiting for me to find the time to get to them.

I did pick up a couple easy read paperbacks (authors I had never read) last summer and whizzed right through them. Turned out to be very good ones too!

One was about a lady that randomly and impulsively steals a baby from a shopping cart and raises her as her own but the child inadvertently finds out when she is college age.... (What Was Mine ~ Helen Klein Ross)

The other was about a girl who befriends another girl at summer camp and goes to her house on a visit. While there she sees a family portrait on the wall and the father in the picture is her father...
(Family Pictures ~ Jane Green)

Both were super easy reading and kept me in suspense until the end. But those were probably the last books I'e actually taken the time to read.
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