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I started a thread yesterday about kids not eating anything unless it WASN’T food (which I’m still curious about). I’ve also had kids who wouldn’t eat due to texture issues. Or, wouldn’t eat because it was a full moon, or whatever personal reason! For ANY of these... I don’t worry about it. If we’ve played hard during the day, and his plate has good food on it with at least a couple of components, whether he eats or not doesn’t bother me at all. If I know he’s a light eater, I just put a little down and let him ask for more if he decides he wants it.

I will say that I do try to honor their eating style (does he like it cut up, or in bigger pieces to hold and bite...does he want me to give him the first taste to get him going...etc), and I also look for signs of distress (if I see these, I let parents know so they can check for dietary sensitivities/allergies that may make certain foods painful and make him avoid trying anything). Barring any of that, I let it go.
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