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Default air cleaner

I purchased an AirDoctor cleaner for large spaces. It was not cheap. Around $500, but I had some grant money that was to go to Covid related expenses. I have had it since the end of October. One of my childcare families got Covid (two of their children are part of my childcare). We had to shut down, but no one else got sick. At least one of the families specifically attributes the lack of Covid spreadiing to the air cleaner. I also have some Germ Guardian units in the sleeping rooms (bedrooms). I had one unit prior to Covid to help my husband's allergies. None of the units creates ozone, and all have UV light to kill bacteria and viruses. Even in the absence of Covid, I think purifying the air helps with flu and cold germs as well.

Another plus for the air purifiers vs. regular fans is that since they are sealed units, the fan blades aren't exposed.

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