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Default Depreciation vs Expense Which Is Which?

I guess I'm confused as to what you depreciate and claim as a expense. I think I read it somewhere on MMK that (this is a example) that a baby swing is a expense, but a changing table you would depreciate. So now I'm wondering how do you determine the difference between what should be claim as a expense and what is depreciated over time. why can I claim a swing as a expense, but a highchair I can't. KWIM? Is there a rule of thumb to follow in figuring this out? Like certain questions you ask to figure it out?

Question No.2

I'm also confused on land improvements vs a expense. We bought a truck load of dirt to level an area of our yard to put in the pool, so is the dirt a expense? or is it considered land improvement? And would the pool be considered a expense or also land/home improvement?
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