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Default Dilemma: Help Me Solve?

We have two play kitchens in the house. One is a nice wooden KidKraft one that we gave DD for Christmas 3 years ago when she was two. It has seen much love and carefree play from both her and the daycare kids. It has had doors break several times and so far Kidkraft has never charged me for their replacement, but it just had a door break AGAIN and i'm annoyed because the thing was expensive when we bought it. They are HARD on things. It's this one, basically:

then we have this one we got for free from my in-laws when they moved this summer. DD has had it in her room but is now giving it up in favor of having more space right now. it's plastic, and I think it's really quite dumb, personally (and, ours is different colors, this is just the same style and design):

I only need one play kitchen and would like to get rid of one of these. Which one should I keep, and which should I pass on (or more likely sell to Once Upon a Child)?

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