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I have been a provider for 10 years, and I have ALWAYS paid taxes. I pay federal, state, social security, city, and a school tax on my income. Yes, by the time I deduct what I can, I am just above poverty level wages. But think about it. Of the 14 hours each day that I am up and in my home, I am doing daycare related things or actually caring for daycare children at least 12 of them. Lights out at about 9:30, furnace/ac turnded down, etc. When you figure in the 40% of my utility bill that I can deduct, I am the one getting shorted. I use the majority of my heat/ac/electric, etc during daycare house, but I can't deduct all that I use.

For example: On a hot humid day here in the summer, I will have my air on all day long to where it is comfortable for the kids, maybe about 76 or 77. Kids leave at 5:15, we go to bed here about 9:30, and our air gets turned up to about 80 so it won't run thru the night unless it gets really hot. This is why I feel we don't get compensated truly for what we use.

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