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Originally Posted by MamaBear View Post
I use the 1/2 " thick plastic mats (since my carpet is soft underneath) with the red on one side & blue on the other. I ordered mine from a company - BUT they sell them right now at Walmart & Target for the back to school season. They are even cheaper there. They only sell them this time of year, so if you need some - I'd get them now before there gone. I think they are about $7 per mat.
I was looking online and saw one on but it looked like really cheap vinyl. Which is fine by me if it will hold up ok - do you think it does???

Our licensing requires 1 inch mats but the ones I have now are 2".

And I'm really curious as to where everyone keeps them. Right now I have them on the shelves under the changing table but I'm getting a new changing table soon so was looking for other ideas.
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