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Originally Posted by MarinaVanessa View Post
When I give my tour during the interview that's when I put on my "salesman" hat, every room we walk through I point out how I use it for daycare and talk about the perks and positives about it.

Kitchen: "Here we have the kitchen. The kitchen is always gated off and even then all cabinets and drawers have safety locks. Chemicals are kept high and out of reach. I prepare all meals based and snacks based on the USDA food program and each child has a cup, set of utencils, plate and bowl to match their cubby. The large window allows me a full view of the patio to supervise the kids while serving food while they can play outside" ... etc.

I always smile from ear to ear all throughout the interview and talk in a friendly voice etc. After the interview and since I've already talked about the program I sit down and go through the policies with them. I have a copy of my handbook that they leaf through while I go over the policies in a bulleted list. Other than that I don't think that I do anything out of the ordinary.
Ooo I like this...I'm such a nerd, I think I actually am going to write myself a list :P

What policies do you highlight and what might you save for after they've signed up?
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