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Golden Rule - You are so right about the mother's guilt. For those of us who are moms, we know that no matter how "perfect" we are, WE will always see how much better we could be. It's the mother's curse - guilt!

However, there does seem to be a war going on between mother's (at-home moms vs. working moms). The strange thing is that DC providers ARE working moms, but our DCMs often forget this part. All they see is that we are "lucky" because we get to stay home with our kids, don't have to deal with bosses and the office BS, commute, etc. Then on top of that, we get paid for this "awesome, cushy, SWEET" job. It doesn't matter if they would not be able to handle being with their kids all day, every day (yes, I have had many, many parents tell me that). To them, I am living the dream life. That makes me "lucky" to them. So they are jealous and people get really weird when they are jealous.

So when someone blames you for screwing up their kid, just smile to yourself, knowing that she is only saying that because deep down she knows that you are spending more time with her kid than she is, she's afraid of how much her kid loves you (irrational fear of being replaceable), is jealous of your life (and your ability to be a supermom), etc. It's only HER insecurity. Plus, if she thinks you're doing such a horrible job, she would be gone already.
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