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Honestly, I just re-read and you are only on day 3 at your current daycare ? As much as you are worried, you really just need to give it time. If I took a catalog of all my kids, most would have still been crying on their third day as we are still trying to understand what they want/are expecting. Think about the relationship you had when your first brought your baby home from the hospital. You spent time listening to her cries and trying to decipher what she wanted and needed. You have to let the daycare provider and the baby develop the same relationship. It really isn't abnormal. I sound like a broken record, but you have to give it time and patience and let the caregiver and the baby develop a relationship.

Like you described on day 3, how you came to get the baby because you knew she was crying. You need to let the provider meet the child's needs so that your child learns to trust her and bond with her. If you intervene, this won't happen.