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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I never considered it not trusting someone; just considered it training someone on how to help my lo. I've never started a job without training even if it was just to train me on that company's policy. I don't mean to say that a seasoned provider would need training per se. I probably insulted someone again. lol. But there are subtleties for my lo that I thought would be easier if I were there. I really actually thought it would make it easier for the provider. But I can see how that was a misconception. Although my current provider was very receptive to my being there a couple hours and I know she was not slighted in the least. There aren't any other kids there, though, and I can see how it would be difficult with other kids there.
Hey if your provider is up to it... go for it. Bring her a big box of special treats and a gourmet coffee when it's time. Show her you dig what she has done because you know most wouldn't.

Is this your first kid?