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Originally Posted by Soccermom View Post
Honestly, if I enjoyed your company and you were willing to help out with the other kids while you were here then I would say - Sure, pick me up a coffee on the way in BUT if you made me feel uncomfortable and self conscious in any way then I would have to say No.

I don't believe it would in any way benefit your baby though. 4 months is so young to be in daycare. At this age, they need routine and their Mommy.
They do eventually adjust to daycare because children are built to adapt but the first few months are sure to be a rocky road no matter what.

If you really need to return to work now, all you can do is find a provider you trust with all your heart and give her the freedom to become a part of your child's life.

Good luck. I know how hard leaving your baby with someone else can be. That is why I got into childcare in the first place. I couldn't find anyone I trusted with my child...that's when I knew it probably wasn't them - It was me. 10 years later, here I am still doing daycare.
See, now I wouldn't fuel that fire, SM. I've had plenty of babies start at 4 months or earlier with no issues what-so-ever. There doesn't have to be a rocky road at all.

This issue is mom's, not baby's. It's completely understandable...she doesn't want to leave her baby! But, the baby is going to be fine.