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Default Being Taken To Court

good morning I am so happy to have found this forum. I have been a provider in oregon for 30 years and always had a written contract. My contract requires parents to pay a flat rate per month with no deductions for absent days and no refunds of unused days unless a thirty day written notice is given. I am licenced for 16 kids and staff a one to five ratio. My contract is clear tuition is based on a flat monthly rate once family signs the contract the spot is theirs until I get a written notice.

Last June a family left care on the 18th of June to keep child home with grandma who was visiting from china. She has filed a small claims case saying I owe her for the 9 days of care she claims I refused to fulfull over the summer as a drop in client.

I dont provide drop in care which i verbaly told her, I reminded her of our contract and told her she could use the days in June as she saw fit. I filed the spot July 1st

She called over the summer as well as text asking for care to which I said no because the spot was not available. I reminded her that drop in care was not available.

In December she demanded i work for her for 9 days and wanted him back in care for January and part time in February. I said no that started the ball rolling.

I am headed to court on the grounds of standing by my signed contract she said we have a verbal agreement.

I just want your thoughts or legal advise a signed contract should trump any verbal agreement she thinks there was?
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