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Years ago my basic policies were very similar to what they are now. When I got back and updated my contract my lic.specialist asked that I take out all the fluff. She actually handed me a sample contract and asked for changes since she didn't like mine. And, again, I was jelly. Instead of standing up and saying 'hey but this is my business.." I just adjusted things for HER. I'd completely removed the info about what/how much to bring and drop off/pick up procedures that I did find helpful years ago. I took out my handout about comm.disease/sick. I even adjusted my late fees and bounce check procedures. Yikes.

It's time to buckle up and get going with a handbook! Even if it s just a couple pages that include my preferences. I'm going to look today at the links above and see how to get started on organizing the info again.
Yes. Contracts are for all things financial. Policy or handbook is for all of the rest: What to bring, parental expectations, methods of communication, specific dropoff and pickup expectations, etc.
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