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Originally Posted by tenderhearts View Post
I do them until 12 mo and will do up until 18 mo if parent wants me too.
Mine says:

Dear Mommy and Daddy!

Today I was Happy Tearful Playfull all of the above! Other_____

For reakfast I ate:______________All some none
For lunch I ate:________________All some none
Fr snack I ate:_________________All some none

this is how mny bottles I drank today:

Time: ________oz_________

Bowel Movements: 1 2 3 4 They were: Normal Loose Hard

Nap time:________to________Nap time:__________to___________
Nap time:________to________Nap time:__________to___________
Special Notes from my

Mommy and Daddy:
My provider wants to remind you to please bring the following to daycare
Diapers____Ointment_____Formula______Baby Food______Other_____
clothing Item:

I like this it's to the point and easy and quick to fill out.
My 10 mo old, her mom still likes receiving these but my 12 mo old, his mom said I didn't have to do it anymore when he was about 9 mo.
Lol... This is the same one I have... I just forgot to add the how many bottles and oz... How funny. I think I found mine on a website that offers free forms.
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