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Default DCF Lying, Marriage Issues, Disability, Etc

I have a long relationship with some neighbor dcf. Mom and dad are having marriage issues, dcd is having money issues (self employed) and dcm is recently on disability. Both have shared too much with me about all of this and I am starting to piece together that one or both is lying to me. Like if such and such happened then xx couldnt have happened- either time doesnt work or dck tell me otherwise etc. Dcb has shared a lot about whats going on at home too, making me even more "in the know". I dont give a rip about any of the issues really, dcf is awesome, kids are so good, and they pay for two weeks of care one week in advance through mmk

BUT, nothing annoys me more then being lied to. Especially when i have proof otherwise, like dcd showing me nasty texts from dcm or dcm slipping up and saying she is at one place when she claims to be at work etc.

I am afraid if I bring it up dcm will freak and pull the kids (big $$ issue for me) or worse since Ive seen these freakishly mean texts she sends dcd. And besides her issues, he is a liar too. It goes against my natural instincts to look at and or talk to people this two faced but my dh says to ignore their issues, save up a little "extra " $ in case they leave or home issues force them to pull kids out of care. Am I allowing them to lie to me by not addressing it OR do Ileave it alone, pretend I know nothing, and as long as care is good and they pay try to speak to them as little as possible?
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