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had many issues with family over payments. Finally dad agrees to pay me two weeks at a time and for the past two payments has done fine. He shows up today, a day late and hands me a check for one week.
I am so over this I want to quit.

I'm sick about it. I'm done with the disrespect, the poverty wages, the MESS, the stress, the 14 hours days.


I called a daycare center about a possible job and they do have positions. They give half off employee childcare.

Problem is with the low rate of pay that would be half my paycheck.

the other problem is that I'd be on foot, which is fine for me but wouldn't work for two kids in a stroller.

I feel so stuck and so miserable right now.

I've been in the red for I don't know how long.

My kids' father is a drunk and has done nothing for their support financially. I obviously can't count on him for any child care either.

I'm on the brink today.

I haven't had the energy or motivation or money to improve my program and even if I did the market is crap here. complete crap.

Hopefully a good night's sleep will change perspective.
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