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So annoyed with this mother. This is the baby I have been watching for 4 mos. He has sensory issues, will hardly eat, is still completely on a bottle. Has been fighting major constipation since she switched him to milk a month before his first birthday (in Sept). And parents don't really feel it is something to worry about. He also still freaks out when any new person is around. Even my mother, who has been my substitute off and on since he started.

Last Wed eve I came down with the stomach flu. My schoolager had it Tuesday night, she stayed home but was upstairs on Wed. I texted all the parents around 8pm and closed for Thursday (I don't have dck on Fri). I was sick for two days. Well...this morning(Wed a week later), this mother calls and says "Dcb just threw up all over me. You better tell the other parents because their kids will be getting it too. I don't know if he will be there tomorrow. Hopefully he only throws up this one time." I felt like I was being slapped across the face. Who knows if it is even the same thing I had, that was a full week ago, usually the stomach flu travels more quickly than that.

Also, I got a phone call from someone that this family had given my number. This woman says, "I know that baby is leaving in January, so I'm wondering if you have any openings?" Geez, that's the first I've heard of it?

I can feel the passive aggressive vibes from this woman a lot lately. I've also had payment issues from her. For awhile they were out of checks and the bank screwed up the order. So she paid late for about 4 times from that. When I finally called her out on it she acted like this would never happen again, it's just that the bank screwed up the checks. Guess what? About every other week she forgets her check book and says her husband will pay at pick up. He never does. She brings a check the next day...ugh. I'm going to copy the page of the contract that explains the $5 per day late fee and hand that to her next week when she trys to pull it again.

You ladies are so right! Don't give them an inch...they will take a mile. Guess us newbies have to learn it the hard way.
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