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Default Parents Changing Days

I need opinions. I have a parent that works 3 days a week and pays for the full time spot. She sends me a schedule on Sundays, and some weeks she use's 3 days, some weeks 4 days, and some weeks all 5 days. Which I am 100% totally fine with. I don't care if they bring her all 5 days. As long as I know on Sunday what her DCG's schedule is, and it is within the 9 hour block that they pay for I am good. My problem is, a couple months ago, I started getting random texts from mom, that would say" they changed her shift and she needs to drop off at an earlier time. I have always said ok Since it was still in the 9 hours they contracted me for. It has started to become a regular thing, but I figured as long as it was for work and not "just because" I didn't mind. Well last week mom was on vacation, and brought her for the whole 9 hours everyday. I didn't care I knew the deal on Sunday like normal. Well this week, dad is on vacation. He showed up an hour early yesterday to bring her. I was told Sunday that she WOULD NOT be here today since mom was off. Dad made the comment to me at pick up that he thought that she was coming today and said " I will see you tomorrow". So I don't know how to handle it. Yes they pay for the spot regardless if its 3 days, 4 days or 5 days which is fine as long as I know about it. I need to let them know that they need to stick to the schedule and can't change it as they please. I also don't want to take her today. Its not that shes a bad kid, I just need them to understand that It doesn't work like that. I do realize this may set me up for having her all 9 hours, 5 days a week from here on out, but I need them to understand that they don't own me and can't come and go as they please. Do I have the right to refuse care today? Part of me feels like they paid for the day so I have to take her. I also think it is time to redo my contract and maybe charge them a different rate depending on how many days I have her? I am just at a loss as to what to do.
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