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Originally Posted by morgan24 View Post
Have you ever had a 4 year old girl become obsessed it's another girl. A little background on this child, she has always been timid. I have had her since she was 6 weeks old. She would cry if when parents picked up because they were strangers. She goes through times where she refuses to play at all and just watches the door for her Mom. When I mention anything to her Mom about her unusual behavior she googles it and sends me a bunch of articles about what the problem could be. During the winter she decided she didn't want to play and she just wanted to sit. I let her do that then she started being really rude to the other kids especially to 3 year old dcg. Her Mom picked up and she was rude to dcg and I told her she had been doing it a lot lately. Later I got a bunch of articles from dcm about how dcg has a introvert personality so she's really not being rude. The next day I told 4 year old dcg that she was done being rude and not playing. I didnt give her any choice. Every since then she is obsessed with the 3 year old dcg and tries to make her play with only her and what she wants to play. I separate them for most of the day because of it. I think she's very manipulative for a 4 year old but I never bring up anything to her Mom because she doesn't want to acknowledge it. She just wants to google it. Any thoughts?
I don't think I would like those forward articles she has googled Or maybe I would come up with some resources to support your program and how you deal with children to give to her.
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