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Former Teacher 05:43 AM 06-02-2009
I actually became a provider by accident. My mother years ago told me after I graduated HS I must find a job. Through a friend of a friend, who was going back to college, I started to work PT at the center. Within a week, I was promoted to FT.

I was at the center my entire adult life. I recently left due to several personal issues. However I was at my nearly 20 years and I worked my way up from being PT to FT all the way up to Assistant Director.

I loved my work and the children. Over the years I grew close to a number of families, which I will always cherish.

Do I miss the stress? NO. Do I miss the low pay? NO. Do I miss the no benefits? NO. Do I miss the children? YES. Because the way I see it, yes it wasn't the best paying job in the world. Yes it had no benefits and things like that. But I got paid with hugs and kisses and all that good stuff!