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jojosmommy 10:30 AM 12-02-2011
I have a 6 month old who will sleep anywhere but in a pnp. I don't allow it. our regs say the need to be in a bed, on their backs with no blankets/lovies until they are 1. I was recently off for maternity and have a dck infant who has been doing CIO for the last three weeks with no success. She will fall asleep in a swing, in my arms, even on the floor while playing with all the other kids around. The minute I put her in her crib she screams and screams. By 11 am she is nuts, overtired, and we all suffer until 4:30 when she goes home. Whine, in bed, CIO, back out of pnp, cycle starts over....

Her mom wants to be off the week prior to Christmas and while I would love the break how do I address the issue of starting over with nap routine? Do I even mention it or just plan to wear earplugs, JK for the entire month of January?