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Dragonfly Daycare 01:01 PM 01-21-2012
I am due for my 2nd child in September 12. I am a NYS registered daycare provider, I plan to take 2 months off but I know with my other son I had to take 12 months off because he just wasn't ready to share me. In NY are you allowed to hire someone to come in to be a "helper" if you are always on site? Or do you always have to still be in the room and have visual contact? I know you cannot hire someone as a sub on a regular basis but what about a "helper" someone while you are there and then on occasion (for dr's appts and other things) be left alone with the children. I would like to hire someone for a year so that I could give my 2nd child as much attention as my first but I also do not want to lose my full daycare and have to start all over again.... Has anyone ever done this or know the regulations regarding it???