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thatdivalady 09:11 AM 10-30-2012
Okay so for some of you who may remember, we have a large building (over 3000 sq ft) and the renovations specific to daycare are too much for us to pay for a leased building. We were informed that we can run a preschool in the building but cannot do full day. So I am trying to get all of my ducks in a row. But I've found through my research that the typical rates for preschools operating for 2.5 hours is only $100-$165ish per month per child. With those rates, it would be impossible for me to pay any staff and pay bills even if I ran with three 2.5 hour shifts per day!

So if some of you are already doing these blocks of time for preschool can you share your rates and how you manage?

I'm also looking into curriculum and have seen a few that look promising. But I'm always open for ideas. What we are trying to do is get our rates and then advertise. I'm assuming preschool may follow some of the same patterns as daycare in terms of the peak seasons so if that's true, we will probably not get many responses until after the new year? Any and all suggestions are welcome! Feel free to PM me any material that you have or preschool specific things that may differ from daycare.