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tenderhearts 12:47 PM 11-19-2012
Thanks, no last week she did about the same (it was her first week), however tuesday/wednesday she seemed to nap longer, but I let her cry a little bit, not a hard cry but she fussed off and on for a like 15 min and fell back asleep. She did that today but she would fuss for like 3 seconds then stop for about 3-5 min and this went on for about 40 min when it finally went to a harder cry so I got her up. Each time I checked on her during this time her eyes were closed that's why I chose to leave her. So she has been up for only 30 min and is now fussy again.
No she is not drooling and it is nothing new that they rush to get her at every peep. Not to mention 1 day a week grandparents watch and they just hold her ALL day and let her nap in their arms, then she's back here the next day. So I'm sure after a weekend of this I'm sure she is just used to it. But I have a hard time letting babies cry too long too.