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Unregistered 06:44 PM 07-22-2008
[quote=Victoria;44]Would you be able to forward me any state laws that would govern how day care must handle visitors to children while in their care?

Every state might have different "laws!" In MN it IS like kidnapping-unless I hold a COURT ORDER in my hands-I can not withhold a child from anyone. If a person comes and is not on the contracted authorization-I call the parent and ask-that's all-for the safety of the child(ren)--grandparents, aunts, siblings, friends are welcome in my preschool/daycare-I have open door policy-I just ask that at naptime it is limited. Please understand that a provider has a great responsibility in keeping the child safe, and from harm. Personally, I'd just call the parent-if she says no-and doesn't have a court order-I can't comply with her wishes-that's all. Taking them FROM the premis is another story tho-if a mom signs with me ONLY on my contract-and doesn't have the father on authorization, then no-I don't let them go-VISIT -- yes-it's hard!!!!!!! Go online and do some research in your state-or call the childcare licensing department in your county--GOOD LUCK-- GRANDPARENTS do have rights too-- :-)