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TomCopeland 11:03 AM 01-08-2019
Originally Posted by CityGarden:
Okay I need to get a handle on my business/personal taxes, but don't know where to start...

Background: I have not filed in several years, initially I was married and working but filed separate, then I was a SAHM doing small side projects but not earning enough to need to file but now I am single head of household and have a business (though I am not yet earning a profit after expenses). In the past I used a CPA firm who specialized in the field I was working in (entertainment) I called and they only handle that and did not have a referral that they knew with experience with daycare taxes which they said is unique.

So what do I need to look for....

A CPA who has experience in daycare taxes?
A CPA who has experience in small business or home based business?

Does anyone have someone they have personally used and would refer me to? Last year I started looking but felt in over my head so did nothing.... I do not think I will owe anything but I don't want to just give up and end up owing the IRS because finding a professional CPA for this is overwhelming.
You want a tax preparer who has experience doing family child care taxes because there are many tax issues unique to family child care. A CPA is not a requirement, since most CPAs deal with larger businesses. An Enrolled Agent is not required, but is more likely to have experience doing small business tax returns. Ask other providers in your area who use tax preparers if their person does a good job. Or, read my article: