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284878 01:04 PM 11-05-2019
I have dcb6 and sister dcg2.5 two days a week. DCB goes to school with DD7. As we are walking to the bus stop, dcb gives dd a handwarmer. No biggy, they are going to school and they are old enough not to put one in their mouths.

DD tells me later, that dcb told her to not tell his gma that she has the warmer. DD never sees his gma but he wants her to lie for him.

ff to today. I zip dcg coat and feel something in her pocket. I pull out a handwarmer. Why does a 2-year-old have a handwarmer? I give it to dcb, he has a fit that dcg can not have it. I tell him, it either goes to school with him or I throw it away, he thinks about it agrees to put it in his backpack. I open the small pocket of his backpack and it is full of them.

Now depending on the brand, they are made from natural material but still should not be ingested. But why is gma passing these out instead of giving the kids gloves? As for the amount the DCB has in his backpack, did gma really give them to him or did he take them and that is why dcb doesn't want dd to tell his GMA.