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Blackcat31 07:07 AM 03-16-2020
This is what I've sent out to parents. I have no problem providing services to parents when needed but I refuse to be taken advantage of because some one doesn't want to parent. I filled in the hours FOR parents that I am willing to provide care and didn't even ask.

I figure this really is up to me not them so this might be a good way for you to do it too....

Dear Parents

Due to the current situation with the COVID-19 virus, child care services will be provided to parents ONLY during working hours. Reducing the number of hours in care helps reduce contact with others and in turn helps everyone in the long run.

At this time I will provide care for your family ONLY during the hours listed below. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this temporary policy and any parent leaving their child in care when not working may be subject to immediate loss of services.

Thank you for doing your part in this time of uncertainty for all.

Care hours for your family will be available from _______a.m. to _______p.m. ONLY.

Thank you