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Blackcat31 08:44 AM 04-03-2020
Just seeing this now...

I tell all parents that April is always a tricky month and that sometimes there will be unexpected closures due to weather and/or driving conditions so please plan accordingly.

Normally I stay open if I am able to get to work safely but if school closes or is late opening I follow suit. Since school is currently shut down I would just make my own call as to what the roads are like.

I paid close attention last night as to what it was like and then again immediately this morning... and it was not bad at all so I am here and open. IF the roads were bad I would probably have closed because I have a short day today being Friday but if I had a full boat, I'd have probably just opened a bit later and drove carefully to work.

Seems the early morning hours are the worst but once the sun comes up things usually improve quickly.

I am sure that isn't terribly helpful but that's how I decide.

Sorry you got stuck this morning...
I am lucky in that department too as IF I feel I can't manage the drive my husband will drive me into work so...