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dolores 05:48 PM 12-15-2020
Originally Posted by Ariana:
I am a member of two FB groups for providers in my area and itís a lot of fun! I also manage the local COVID-19 FB page and to be honest there isnít too much drama. Just set the rules (which are built in) and get people to answer questions to be admitted to the group. I pretty much allow everything except for really rude behaviour like name calling, racism etc. I started an FB group just for ECEs in my area but with over 100 members but only the same 5 members talking it felt very ďunsafeĒ so I decided to shut it down.
Thank you for sharing!
When you started the FB group, how did you make it known to your target audience?
And as far as feeling unsafe, I can see the vulnerability as its a small group, you're not necessarily anonymous and folks may know where you are located which is a little unsettling...