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Default what to do im going crazy!?!

what do you do when you have a child that continually breaks the rules???? and i cant kick him out because of financial reasons.. And ofcorse he is county assistance. Everyday he is breaking toys, touching other children( big pet peeve, i have a rule keep hands to self) running, throwing toys... He diliberately waits til i leave the room or turn my back to do something naughty, i have caught him on a number of occasions. I sent his parent a letter cause its been stressing me out, im pregnant... The next week his dad told me to tell him the day it happens well everyday im telling them something new now its like their annoyed, they chalk it up to him being a boy. i chalk it up to bad parenting... i dont know what to do hes damaging my property, i literally cant make lunch with him here i make him come to the kitchen cause he cant be trusted.... He has also been kicked out of daycare before here in town... so his parents should know hes not pleasant... yet they leave him here all day when neither of them works!!!
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