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Feeding a child is such a challenging prospect and to do it without running into any issues whatsoever is nearly impossible. I look back and see how I was raised and yes, I can see many issues that could've cause my current relationship with food. Unfortunately, I see issues I created when my kids were growing up too. It's so hard to do all and be all and end up perfect with perfect kids.

BUT I also wonder how much some of this we get from our own genes. My dad always had a sweet tooth, as well as my mom and so do I. They grew up in very different households, during the Great Depression, than I did or that my kids did. So, really, who's to say which act of feeding your kids is going to work perfectly. Is it because all a parent can afford to feed their child is rice and potatoes and government cheese so your child will eat everything in sight once it's provided? Is it because you have to finish everything on your plate before you can have dessert so child will continue through out their lives emptying their plates instead of listening to their appetites?

I honestly have maybe 50% faith in all these types of 'studies' that are out there because I think genetics plays a huge part in this type of thing, as well as upbringing, environment, peer pressure, etc., etc.. Sure, we all try to use common sense and moderation as our guide and to me, that's the best we can do.
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