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Nature vs nurture. I definitely believe it impacts and influences behavior but for some one is stronger than the other. Even in the same families.

My sister has a huge sweet tooth and can not resist anything sweet. I am the opposite. I like a sweet treat once in a while but chocolate is not my thing. I don't think either of my parents have a sweet tooth but I know out of 6 kids my sister isn't the only sibling with sugary cravings.

As for nurture, I credit it alot for some of my odd eating habits. I eat one thing at a time in a specific order. My mom says she always fed me that way right from the beginning. I can't eat anything with green bell peppers.
The smell invokes such a strong memory in regards to eating/meal time as a child that I just cant. But I don't necessarily dislike the taste. They just bring back memories of having to clean my plate regardless.

I used to buy into the Two Bite Club. Even the Food Programs push it.... but I changed my views on food and how I approach it several years ago and now do not believe or support that idea any longer. So much so that it would've been a factor in choosing a care program for my children. I simply don't think kids should HAVE to take two thank you bites. At least not in daycare...

I have rules, limitations and guidelines for how I feed the daycare kids in my care so they're not allowed to just go hog wild and not eat anything nutritious but I don't believe that most of the issues we see in regards to food really have anything to do with food at all.
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