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"but I don't believe that most of the issues we see in regards to food really have anything to do with food at all."

I completely agree with that!!

Plus People have to get up and move. Children need to run, jump, hike, bike, all kinds of fun family stuff to love an active lifestyle. Sadly, I think many parents have developed that 'kids should be seen/not heard' mindset because they're either too busy or too tired to take care of them and model an overall healthy lifestyle.
This nit-picking over 1 WGR a day or skim/1% milk versus 2%/'s ridiculous. That will not make a child overweight. More outdoor time, less sedentary time. And most schools need to do a complete Phys. Ed. overhaul. How much healthy movement can one expend listening to endless instructions, taking turns, etc. And that darn sugar should be made illegal.
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