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I am definitely a more authoritative parent in general. My kids get in on the meal planning and menu prep. I have one with sensory issues, and although we DO eat pizza once a week for him, we make our whole wheat dough from scratch and use healthy choices for toppings, veggie pizza is a big hit around here.

DS/10 loves fries and chicken fingers- we bake sweet potato fries and make homemade baked chicken fingers.

I always ask if they want X or X vegetable for dinners. Sometimes they say both- so we have two vegetable choices.

When my youngest two were in K they did this all about me thing at open house. I knew by the favorite food who my kids were- carrots and broccoli (but neither child will touch the other's favorite veggie)

We also allow them to chose what and how much goes on their plates and we do not stress. Eating well is a long game, so if we are short on veggies one day/week, I try to load up the next.

My biggest issue is myself- I was a clean your plate- drink your milk family. No matter how much was put on/in it. I also LOATHE milk, so I would gag my way through a giant glass of whole milk, and whatever horribly unhealthy thing my mother made (we ate a lot of hamburger and tuna helper). I often sat at the table past my bedtime forcing myself to eat cold food despite being so full I felt nauseated.

and there was ALWAYS dessert, of course. For eating all my dinner. Over eating and portion control became a HUGE issue for me.
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