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Default Tough Spot

I provide care for a 2 year old (will be three in June) who has virtually no words. He imitates speech but says fewer than a dozen words on his own (and only a couple that communicate what he wants or needs) . He has strong receptive language skills so clearly understands a lot of what is going on around him.
He often has meltdowns/temper tantrums which can be quite challenging at times. I feel they stem from an inability to communicate whereas his parents are treating them as a disciplinary issue. Other than these meltdowns he has zero behavioral issues. His parents are unwilling to pursue any possible services for speech. I am not comfortable giving him a timeout for meltdowns since he canít communicate. So we are at this impasse.
I have decided I am going to bite my tongue about the language needs (because it is apparently stressing their family out), try to work though the meltdowns as best I can and if I canít take it any more I will give them four weeks notice that I am no longer to meet his needs (this is double the notice stated in my contract). Before I proceed I guess I want to see if others who provide home care feel I am being unreasonable. Thank you in advance for your feedback.
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