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Default Thank you!

Thank you for this valuable resource. My key developmental concern is communication and based on the work I have done with him he scores a 25 which puts him right at the cutoff for 24 months (he is 31 months). That said I will try #1 and #4 again to see if it was maybe just his mood when I have attempted things like this in the past. At a glance I suspect he would fall within normal range for all others (though I am going to give the problem solving section a go in the coming days).

Having his parents fill it out is a great suggestion. Unfortunately one of his parents has repeatedly said they do not believe in assessment or evaluation so even though I suspect they have filled something like this out at the pediatricians office at his two year appointment in June, it would add fuel to the fire if I asked them to complete one at this time.

Thank you again for your help!
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