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I don't have a set routine, just do what needs to be done. Yes, I overlook things sometimes, missing crumbs or playdoh on the floor. The one thing I have a hard time keeping up with is the bathroom. I go with dcks who need help but going back and forth, I tend to miss if a dck drops a paper towel on the floor and doesn't bother to throw it away, etc. After a dck is done in the bathroom, I'm lucky to swipe the sink with a clorox wipe before dcks need me somewhere else. Dishes I keep up with, sweeping as much as I can when needed, I only vacuum when the living room carpet is getting bad. Other than that, I do all my dc before they come in the a.m., it's when my energy level is higher and the place is fresh for the day.
I'm not a cleaning fanatic, not the type to make sure all my door knobs sparkle and all that jazz, I live in a lived in home that's over run with kids everyday. All I can do is the best I can with what I have.

And yes, my 2 dogs love to help with cleaning the floor after lunch.
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