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Originally Posted by cheerfuldom View Post
It might be normal for them but that doesnt mean it is healthy. I would tuck them into nap and have them rest whether they actually sleep or not, for at least 2 hours a day. Most of my kids do at least 3 hours a day up to 3 years old. I would imagine this little one does not know how to self soothe to the next sleep cycle and has built some bad habits. Just because they are up does not mean that they are not tired still.

First of all, wait a good 5 minutes to go in. Then, go into the room (hopefully you have a seperate space...dark and quiet...white noise) and whisper "It's still nap time. I will come get you when nap time is over". Then...leave and come back when it's officially over.

Day one will be a scream fest
Day 5 he will sleep 2 hours
Day 7 (following Monday) will be another scream fest
Then, all the sudden, he'll get it and sleep a couple hours each day

You know he's "done" when you hear him singing or talking upon waking vs. screaming. Crib-talk equals enough sleep. Cranking and crying means he's still tired.
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