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Default assistant

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
So come to find out my assistant slipped yesterday.... She's been working with me since October and has been filing unemployement from her last job since July. I've explained this is not a good idea, however she does get paid under the table but also gets paid for one child through the state. Won't the unemployment find out about this when she files her taxes. I'm just really worried about her?! What do I tell her?
Was your assistant injured? If so, she's entitled to get her medical expenses covered by workers compensation insurance. However, if you don't have workers compensation insurance you can get into trouble and will probably be forced to pay the assistant's medical bills, plus penalties.

The unemployment office won't find out that she is employed when your assistant files her taxes. They don't check IRS records for this. The fact that you aren't withholding social security/medicare taxes and are not paying state and federal unemployment taxes can get you into trouble. I would strongly recommend to start treating her properly as an employee. See my article on this:
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