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Default Mortgage/Taxes, Vehicle Insurance

As I sit brainstorming of deductions I could have missed, I don't understand what I can take for my Mortgage payment or anything tied to it such as school/land taxes or interest. I was only in business for 4 months last year and when I mentioned depreciation of my home, my accountant said I shouldn't get into that because it gets hairy if I ever sell my home. I don't plan on selling my home so I would like to know more about this before I file this year. What can I claim that is mortgage related??

Also, I take the standard deduction for my mileage...can I claim anything else in addition to this? Such as my car payment or vehicle insurance? I use my van daily for daycare kids. I don't want to miss anything so if I can get someone to clarify what I can claim in regards to these 2 things, I would appreciate it. thank you.
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