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TwinMama 12:39 PM 08-09-2020
[quote=TwinMama;720520]I completely agree!!!

I have close friends that don't social distance and they respect the fact that I do. We're still friends because we're grown ups and we're not trying to "crack the case" so to speak.

None of my families have any sort of medical degrees. By the way two of them talk you would think they did. I just don't want to hear all that they've learned from Facebook. It's not helpful to anyone. Two of my families respect my decision. Those two families have their kids in sports, and still see their friends and family. We are respectful of each other and transparent about our decisions. The other two families try to plead their case every time they walk in the door to try and change my mind. As if they've figured out the pandemic. I wish they would leave it alone.

That's why I want to send a communication out.