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Unregistered 08:54 PM 08-09-2020
Imho its a waste of time. If you are trying to mitigate risk sending a message like this will only encourage the risk taking families in your group to NOT tell you what they are doing in their free time.

I learned this after "setting expectations", reminding families we are in this together, pointing out that some people in our group are high risk, etc etc. Over the past few months I've found families will just do whatever they want anyway and not tell you... aka go to an indoor kids play park over the weekend where children aren't wearing masks and play in the ballpit! I'm sure they didn't feel it was disrespectful to our family home or others in the group when making these choices. They are just not considering the risks or feel like it won't happen to them. Or they are not thinking about paying medical bills involved if they're exposed, or that they might be
risking permanent lung or heart damage because effective treatments are not fully developed yet, and so many other things you would want fellow humans to be thoughtful of during a pandemic.

If you want to mitigate your families and groups risk, I would recommend keeping communication open and seriously consider cutting ties with families that are not taking COVID seriously.