Thread: Nap Time Dilema
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tenderhearts 02:56 PM 09-30-2020
I have a dcb who turned 2 yrs yesterday and just started in my care 3 weeks ago. He is having difficulty going down for nap, during interview they said he typically takes a 2-3 hr nap. Obviously being a new environment it can be scary and hard but he has not adjusted to nap, he just cries. His parents said that he started doing that about a month ago and apparentley dad sits with him until he's asleep, well that isn't going to work, I don't mind sitting with him for a bit but not the whole nap time until he fall asleep which some days he will fall asleep in the 10 min I'm sitting next to him other days i leave and tell him I'll be back and he just cries until I come back. My question is, he is on a cot in a different room due to my 5 other nappers in another room, he gets up and will stand there, would you put him in a pack n play?